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This is a great website to visit when doing research.  It provides several databases, which provide VALID information from journals, articles, newspapers, etc. 

If you are accessing this website from home, you will need to contact Mrs. Savage for the password.

It will also cite the information for you.  Remember to click "MLA style".

Good Luck!

Easy Bib

Another useful tool to help you cite your information.

First Regional Library

If you couldn't find a book at LHS, visit the First Regional Library.  They will ship books to your location from throughout the state.

Works Cited

Visit this website if you are having difficulty citing information for your research paper.  Remember to use MLA style!

For Teachers

Purdue owl

Online writing lab

Teachers Pay Teachers

World's largest educational marketplace


State of Mississippi Downloadable Publications (PDF0

The Old Farmer's Almanac

An online Literary Criticism guide that is a great resource for essays.  It includes biographical websites about authors and their works.


Use this website if you don't have a dictionary at home.  It also has a thesaurus feature!

Project Gutenberg

A digital library of free ebooks

Super Summary

This website provides you with 40 valuable links to guide you to FREE ebooks!! Check it out!!


Spark Notes

Click on the "No Fear" tab to help you understand Shakespeare.

There is also a Test Prep section for the ACT!

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