March 26, 2020: Getting Ready for Distance Learning



Good afternoon,

I hope you all are out enjoying this beautiful day. I don't know about y'all, but it is really nice to see the sun for a full day. Later today, or maybe tonight, I am going to post a sample of a journal entry that I will write in my composition book. I've had several people ask me about how the journaling assignment will be turned in. First off, this meant to be a kind of no-pressure assignment. I want you to focus on taking care of your siblings, helping your family, and taking care of your own mental health. As we get further into next week, I may be asking more pointed questions for journal entries, especially for those that struggle to know what to write about. . . We will be sharing a couple of entries next week, via Microsoft Teams, just to keep up our classroom community and touch base with one another.

As we move towards using Microsoft Teams, it becomes essential for you to know how to login to your Office 365 account (aka your school email). If you have forgotten how to do that, there is a tutorial for resetting your password on my page. Please watch that for assistance. I sent Microsoft Team invitations out yesterday, so you will probably see that in your email.

In the meantime, if you could complete this Google Form about your access to resources like books, etc., along with a couple of check-in questions, I would appreciate it.  Here's the url: 

Please take care of yourself, work at your own pace, and await further instructions.

Stay well,

Mrs. Barnett


  • Get logged into my Microsoft 365 Account
  • Download the Microsoft Teams app on your smart phone, if possible.
  • Work in your journals, at your own pace.
  • Complete the Google Form





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