Digital Learning Initiative

Dell Laptop






We are excited to launch a digital learning initiative for all the students of Lewisburg High School.  The purpose of the digital learning initiative is to take the first steps in preparing our students to be successful in digitally advanced careers and to provide students with high-quality instructional materials.  We will begin issuing devices to high school students on January 25th and hope to have them all issued before the end of the month.   Please see the bullet points below and you can refer to our website for more information about this process.   



*The district has been actively working on obtaining devices since last year for all students. This does NOT mean we are going to virtual learning. This has been a work in progress to ensure that all students have access to technology.   


*High School students will be able to take their device home and will be required to bring it to school each day  


*In order to receive a device, students must return the last page of the device parental consent form signed by a parent and pay the yearly support fee.  Because we are giving the netbooks out in January, the support fee has been reduced by 50%. The support fee for the remainder of this school year for all high school students is $12.50.  If you are a VIP student who has already paid this fee you do not have to pay it again this year.  We prefer you to pay via Revo Pay but other arrangements can be made if necessary. The support fee and device parental consent form is due byTuesday,January 192021.   

Students will turn the form in to their 2nd block teacher.  


*Parents who do not want their child to receive a device this year must fill out an opt out form and return it to their 2nd block teacher  


*Please read the attached document, sign, and pay the fee at  We will send a hard copy of this form home with your child on Friday, January 8th, 2021.  



If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our tech team at   




January 8th—Forms go home with LHS students 

January 19th—Device Parental Consent form and Support fee due 

January 25th—Begin Device Deployment 


RevoPay Instructions 


  • Go to  

  • Click "Make a Payment"  

  • Enter Lewisburg High - and then click the blue bar under the school name  

  • Click - make a quick payment  

  • Enter Account number - this is your student's MSIS/Lunch number.  

  • Verify info  

  • Scroll Down and select “Device Support Fee” 

  • Select Payment  

  • Enter CC information  

  • Confirm and submit