Final Exams


Exam Procedures.pdf

New time for Friday's 4th Block Exam: 7:30 AM!


Lewisburg High School Spring 2022 Exam Schedule

Senior Exam Schedule

Monday, May 16th

Tuesday, May 17th

Wed, 5/18 and Thurs, 5/19

1st Block Exams

2nd Block Exams

Makeup Exams

3rd Block Exams

4th Block Exams

9 –11 Grade Exam Schedule

Wednesday, May 18th

Thursday, 19th

Friday, May 20th

Mon, 5/23 and Tues, 5/24

2nd Block Exams

1st Block Exams

4th Block Exams 7:30AM

Make – Up Exams

3rd Block Exams

Students must follow the testing schedule for exams. If a student misses an exam, they will make up their exam on Friday. Students will not be allowed to take exams early. Students are not allowed to take exams in a different class period. Attendance will be taken through May 20th. Students will follow the regular bell schedule on exam days. If students are exempt from an exam and must remain on campus, they must report to their normal classes.

DCS Exemption Policy 2021-2022

Exemption Policy (DeSoto County School Board Policy IHA)

For the 2021-2022 school year in order for a student to be exempt from a final exam, he/she must

  • have an eighty-five (85) or above average.

  • have not been assigned to an Alternative Learning Class (ALC) for more than five (5) days, have not been suspended and/or placed in DeSoto County Alternative Center (DCAC) or the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) at any time during the semester. (August - December or January - May)

Exempt students must follow the proper procedures for “checking in” and “checking out” during the school day.

Because other students will be taking the exam, the exempt student should bring something else to work on.

Checkouts on Exam Days

Checkout windows are between classes. We will not call students out of class while a test is being administered. Parents should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the checkout time in order to allow LHS staff adequate time to conduct checkout procedures. Students checking out will be called for via intercom at the following intervals:

1st Checkout Window: 9:05-9:35 am (Parents must arrive prior to 8:55 am)

2nd Checkout Window: 11:15-11:20 am (Parents must arrive prior to 11:05 am) 3rd Check-out Window: 1:20-1:25 pm (Parents must arrive prior to 1:10 pm) No checkouts will be allowed between 1:19-2:55pm.

Students will be allowed to check out in between blocks on exam days if they bring a proper checkout note. The note must have a phone number where the parent can be reached for verification.


If a SENIOR student wants to check out with a parent note on May 16th through May 19th, Mrs. Hectorne must receive the note no later than Friday, May 13th by end of day.

If a 9 –11 GRADE student wants to check out with a parent note on May 18th through May 23rd, Mrs. Hectorne must receive the note no later than Tuesday, May 17th by end of day. If a student turns in a checkout note after this deadline, we cannot guarantee that the checkout note will be verified.


If a Vo-Tech student is on campus during his/her normal Vo-Tech block, they will report to the cafeteria for that block.