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  Hello Patriots! My name is Ms. Aquadro. I am the Hearing Impaired Inclusion Teacher at LHS. I am looking forward to working with all your students this year! This past year has been a CHALLENGE for all of us! My hopes that this upcoming year can be successful no matter what the circumstances bring us. LHS overcame many obstacles this past year inspite of dealing with Covid. Last year our school motto was to OVERCOME. (WE WILL TRY TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITIES TO OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLES THAT WE ARE FACED WITH.)

This year the Motto is "COMEBACK !!!!" LHS Patriots have comeback to rise as high as we can go!!!

 I look forward to COMEBACK and work with your students! I need all your help and support to reach the goals you and the IEP team  have set to reach success for your student.

Please take time to go through my website to get a lot of information about me and some of my expectations for you. As the year progresses, there will be on-going information for you on my website. I will contact you through school status or email.  Good luck to you this year and  





University of Tennessee Knoxville TN           

BS K-12 Deaf Education

Minor Early Childhood Education



My name is Ms. Aquadro. This is my 45th year working as a teacher of the Hearing Impaired.  I have taught all levels from 3 years to 21 years with students with hearing impairments. I have also worked as an early intervention parent advisor for Tennessee Early Intervention Systems as a part-time job in Memphis for 25 years. I have had various types of students from multiple disabilities, totally deaf students, and hard of hearing students. I have also had a variety of different class settings from self-contained, resource, and inclusive class settings.

My name is Patricia Aquadro.  I was born in Schenectady, New York. I lives there for 10 years and then moved to Erie, PA where I went to middle school and high school. I then went to University of Tennessee where I graduated in 1976 in Deaf Education K-12. I have one daughter who is married and lives in St.Louis MO. I have 3 grandchildren.  I worked in Memphis City Schools for 31 years in their Hearing Impaired Program. I just completed my14th year in DeSoto county Schools at Lewisburg High School as a hearing Impaired Inclusion Teacher.


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I will be working closely with all my hearing impaired students in inclusion classes and Learning Lab. Some students will have some other inclusion teachers because I can't be in all the classes daily through out each student's schedule.

                                                    My Schedule:

1st Block:  Planning

2nd Block  Hearing Impaired Inclusion:  Neal   English 10

                 Hearing Impaired Inclusion: Barnett  English 12

3rd Block  Hearing Impaired Inclusion:  Neal    English 10

                Hearing Impaired Inclusion:  Gray  Intro to Biology

4th Block  Hearing Impaired Learning Lab


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