National Honor Society


Lewisburg's "Cream of the Crop" Quick Facts:
Juniors with a 94 or better NGA will be invited to the NHS in November. Juniors' 25 pt service requirement will begin second semester.
Seniors: 25 pt service requirement per semester. Points will roll over from 1st to 2nd semester. Only if you have OVER 25 points! Example: If you have 30 service points 1st semester, 5 service points will roll over to 2nd semester. If you do not meet the service requirement, you will be on probation.
Here's what's going on in NHS...

Help Columbia, MS tornado victims. 1 item = 1/2 pt up to 6 items! 1 pk of toilet paper = 1 item. Due THIS FRIDAY 1/9 to Mrs. Hallmark/Band Hall. Record your pt(s) on your sheet. See list of items below:

Service Sheets Available outside C14

Mandatory Meeting Thursday 1/15 in Auditorium at 7:00 am.

Items Needed:
bottled water
bars of soap
liquid soap
hand sanitizer
toilet paper
garbage bags 
paper towels
hand wipes
baby wipes
tooth paste and tooth brushes
cleaning supplies
paper plates
plastic cups
plastic utensils
plastic storage containers
**They also have two former Columbia band students whose families lost everything they had.  They are in need of clothing with the following sizes:  (You do not have to go out and buy clothing.  If you have clothes that are not worn or used anymore, that would be great.)
Little girl (age 3)
Shirt size 7/8
pants/bottoms size 6/7
Mother needs scrubs size Medium (She works at a nursing home)


Ashley Godwin