Maggie Dennis
Algebra I, II & AP Calculus

Thank you for visiting my page.  I want to make your child's math experience the best one ever.  Algebra One tutoring is offered every day after  after school, except Wednesday, from 3:00-3:45.  Tutoring is also provided daily during Patriot Hour.  Please feel free to contact me with any concerns about your child.


I attended the US Air Force Academy for my freshman and sophomore years of college.  I then transferred to Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.  I received my Bachelor's of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. 


This is my 18th year of teaching and my second year at Lewisburg High School.  


Algebra 1 - Fast Track
Algebra I -Year Long Algebra 1 - Fast Track
Algebra I -Year Long
Algebra I -Year Long
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