As MDE and DCS continue to make decisions regarding our return, please monitor the school website, follow my Remind, and Stay Calm. AT THIS TIME YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EMAIL ME YOUR CLASSWORK. Please COMPLETE YOUR WORK AND SAVE IT for later reference. I miss you all and am more than happy to be contacted with any questions via email. 

Mr. Logan Graves

Courses Taught:

Biology I, Foundations of Biology

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About the Teacher

      I graduated High school from Germantown, TN were I was born and raised. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Biology from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. After Many years of working in Medicine and with the encouragement of my wife, who is an elementary educator, I earned my certification in teaching from The University of Mississippi. I began teaching at LHS during the 2018-2019 School year

    I have always enjoyed studying the natural world and how it works. So much even that I left a career in medicine to educate others in Biology. in 2016 I married the love of my life, Mrs. Graves and with her encouragement I made the career change.I thoroughly love educating young minds about the amazing field of Biology.  As I tell my students you have to love what you do.  

Biology is a Mississippi state tested subject area that will be tested in Dec. for fast track biology and in May for year long bio students.  The class you are enrolled in will help prepare you for this exam.

Agenda - March 30th - April 3rd

Below is the agenda for the week, students are encouraged to work at their own pace.  All documents and links are found below under the online assignments tabs


Read pages 1-8 and view videos from the QR Codes


Read pages 9-15 and view videos from the QR Codes


Answer questions on pages 16-26


Watch 3 Amoeba Sisters videos and answer Quizizz for each video use first initial and last name



Play the 2 Kahoots!

Policy and Procedures


We will be using Remind101 to share important updates and reminders regarding class assignments etc. throughout the year. Students and parents can subscribe via link in the remind feed above. Per school policy, Remind will only be used for the teacher to convey information to the parents or students. If you do have a question or concern about a remind message, please feel free to email me using the contact button above.   I don't always send a remind so students MUST keep up with materials and assignment DUE DATES

Class Rules

   1) The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you. Respect others as well as yourselves. If you have an issue with another student or any other problem feel free to tell me immediately. 2) Talking: Please raise your hand to speak. If others are taking their turn to talk, we listen. 3) Phones: Cell phones should not be out during class unless I have specified students can be on them. 4)Responsibility: Bring all materials to class and stay on task with all assignments. 5) School Conduct: Follow rules and policies as stated in the District Student Handbook. HANDBOOK FORMS MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED 


1st Offense:  Verbal Warning 2nd Offense: Teacher-Student Conference after class (this may result in patriot hour detention, patriot hour for a purpose, or parent contact) 3rd Offense: Teacher-Parent Conference or phone call.                                         4th Offense: Discipline Referral written and student is sent to the office Phones 1.)will be taken up and returned at the end of the day for the first offense and parents will be notified 2.) Any subsequent phone violations will result in the phone being turned into the office Cheating I have a zero tolerance cheating policy. If a student is caught cheating they will receive a zero (this includes homework and projects). The students parents and school administrators will be notified as well. 

General Procedures : The objectives for the week will be on the board every Monday – I suggest each student writes down the objectives for the week in a planner. 

     Begin Bell Work: FLASH CARD STATE REVIEW/BOARD QUESTION. Write cards, study cards, partner quiz/discussion of answers quietly! ·      Tardy – Enter quietly, sign in, hand teacher note if applicable, and have a seat without disturbing the class. Tardy students must get a slip from the office or provide a signed teacher excuse! ·      KEEP ALL UNIT WORK TOGETHER IN YOUR BINDER– If I don’t collect an assignment it should be kept in your binder. All returned assignments should be kept in your binder until the end of the semester.

·      Late assignments will have a starting grade of 75.

·      Absence – It is the responsibility of the absentee to get any missed class notes or assignments from a responsible peer the first day back.   All make up hand-outs will be in the blue folders on the wall. Per district policy- When a student is absent from school (excused or unexcused), the number of days allowed to “make up” and complete any required assignment is equal with the number of days missed, up to a maximum of five (5) days. When a student is absent, a grade is assigned, a ‘1’ will be placed in the grade book (grades are updated weekly) until the assignment is made up.

·      Extra Help – I am always willing to help anyone who is trying to help themselves, my office hours are P1(10:47-11:17am) except on Thursdays. If you miss a test/quiz you will need to be prepared to make it up the following day during Patriot Hour.

·      Talking for any reason during a test or displaying any form of    cheating will NOT be tolerated and will result in a grade of 0 for that test, a write-up, and parent-teacher conference. ·      Students will be instructed on all emergency procedures.

·      Students MUST participate in class, during activities, and take notes.

Lab fees   Biology Lab  fee total is $20 and needs to be paid by August 31, 2019

Supply List


1 – Large bag of individually wrapped candy. (Turn in will be used as daily treats for participation)

1 - pack of Markers or colored pencils 10 pack

1 – 2 inch 3-ring binder (to be used strictly for biology) w/ LOOSE LEAF PAPER ONLY!
1 - pack of dividers to keep binder organized (we have 9 units)
1 – 3-hole zipper pencil bag to fit in 3 ring binder (big enough for flashcards)
2 - 100 index cards (200 total) - put in your pencil bag.

*1 Bound Composition book for Bell work and notes*

Wish List Supplies:

Kleenex, colored pencils, Disinfecting wipes, pack of pencils, red pens, paper towels.

Gift cards are always appreciated especially amazon for supplies and games 

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