AT THIS TIME YOU MUST SEND ME YOUR CLASSWORK VIA REMIND, EMAIL, OR MICROSOFT TEAMS TO RECEIVE ANY IMPROVEMENT TO YOUR CURRENT GRADE. Paper copies can be picked up and turned in at the school with YOUR NAME and GRAVES on it. WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE AND DON'T GET STRESSED. I miss you all and am more than happy to be contacted with any questions via Remind or Email. 

Mr. Logan Graves

Courses Taught:

Biology I, Foundations of Biology

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About the Teacher

      I graduated High school from Germantown, TN were I was born and raised. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Biology from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. After Many years of working in Medicine and with the encouragement of my wife, who is an elementary educator, I earned my certification in teaching from The University of Mississippi. I began teaching at LHS during the 2018-2019 School year

    I have always enjoyed studying the natural world and how it works. So much even that I left a career in medicine to educate others in Biology. in 2016 I married the love of my life, Mrs. Graves and with her encouragement I made the career change.I thoroughly love educating young minds about the amazing field of Biology.  As I tell my students you have to love what you do.  

Biology is a Mississippi state tested subject area that will be tested in Dec. for fast track biology and in May for year long bio students.  The class you are enrolled in will help prepare you for this exam.

Agenda - May 4th - 8th LAST WEEK!!! PPT for this is in documents!

Monday 5/4

First, define adaptation. List 5 animal or plant adaptations (ex: camouflage, mimicry, migration, body parts, etc). Label each as a physical or behavioral adaptation. Next, define competition. List at least 3 ways organisms compete with each other for resources in an ecosystem.



Tuesday 5/5

Draw a food chain and food web. Label each organism as a producer or 




Wednesday 5/6

Water cycle, Nitrogen cycle, Carbon cycle, Phosphorus cycle — Draw 2 out of the 4 cycles and label. 10 extra points if you draw out all 4!





Thursday 5/7

Symbiotic relationships. Define mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. List examples of each.


Friday 5/8

WRITE (at least a paragraph) about natural events or human activities that impact the global climate and ecosystems. What are solutions that could address climate change, habitat destruction, and loss of biodiversity?


Online Assignments

Supply List


1 – Large bag of individually wrapped candy. (Turn in will be used as daily treats for participation)

1 - pack of Markers or colored pencils 10 pack

1 – 2 inch 3-ring binder (to be used strictly for biology) w/ LOOSE LEAF PAPER ONLY!
1 - pack of dividers to keep binder organized (we have 9 units)
1 – 3-hole zipper pencil bag to fit in 3 ring binder (big enough for flashcards)
2 - 100 index cards (200 total) - put in your pencil bag.

*1 Bound Composition book for Bell work and notes*

Wish List Supplies:

Kleenex, colored pencils, Disinfecting wipes, pack of pencils, red pens, paper towels.

Gift cards are always appreciated especially amazon for supplies and games 

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