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Foundations of Sci Lit, Human A&P

Lezli Meadows

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** This Week in HA&P: We will be covering Chapter 2 (Chemical Basis of Life)

Vocabulary Quiz-- Tuesday, Jan. 26th
Element Baby Book Due-- Tuesday, Jan. 26th
Chapter 2 Test-- Tuesday, Feb. 3rd

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Northwest Mississippi Community

Mississippi State University


2003--Present  Science Teacher, Hernando High School


    My name is Lezli Meadows, and I have been teaching at Hernando High School for twelve years. I attended Northwest Community College for two years. In 2003, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education. I am a HUGE MSU fan!! I am an active member of DeSoto Hills Baptist Church. My family and I have been members there for seven years. My husband Brad and I have been married for 10 years. We have two wonderful children. Presley, who turned five in July, started kindergarten this year, and Paxton our son turned two in April.

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Class Schedule
First Semester

   1st Block-- Human Anatomy & Physiology

   2nd Block-- Human Anatomy & Physiology

   3rd Block-- Planning

   4th Block-- Biology II

Second Semester

  1st Block-- Human Anatomy & Physiology

  2nd Block-- Human Anatomy & Physiology

  3rd Block-- Planning

  4th Block-- Human Anatomy & Physiology
Supply List
This Material can also be found on the student's syllabus  

Required Material

       Three Ring Binder

       Notebook Paper


       Color Pencils

Wish List

      Glad Plug-In

      Kleenex/Box of Tissue

      Hand Sanitizer

      Colored Paper

Human Anatomy & Physiology Websites

Science Sites

    Kid's Health
    Discovery Kids
    BBC Bitesize Science (Middle/High)
    BBC Bitesize Science (High)
    BBC Bitesize Science (Advanced)
    Teacher Vision Free Sample Quizzes (scroll down)


    Chemical Elements

    Quiz on Cell Biology

    Quiz on Microbes

    Quiz on The Immune System

    Quia Science Activities
    Vascular Plants
    Animal and Plant Classification
    Constellation Search
    Space Kids Games
    Interactive Sky Charts
    Space Sense
    Cooking for Grunucus
    States of Matter
    Mixtures Lab
    ChemCool Periodic Table
    Melting and Boiling
    Element Lab
    Periodic table
    1001 Periodic Table Quiz Questions
    The Atoms Family
    The Scientific Method Quiz
    Electricity & Magnetism
    Gadget Anatomy
    Inventors and Inventions
    Science Stumpers
    David's Periodic Table
    Periodic Table of Comic Books
    Creative Chemistry Crosswords
    Optics Workbench
    Blobz Electricity
    Earth Records Quiz
    Our Environment
    DNA Detective
    Biology in Motion
    Microbe Mysteries
    Cells Alive!
    Digestive System
    Gadget Anatomy
    All Systems Go
    The Amazing Body
    Cell Inspector
    Human Body Quiz Game
    Structure of heart
    The Body
    Interactive Assessment
    Which Embryo is Human?
    Operation Heart Transplant
    Brainarium 3D Brain Puzzle
    Human Anatomy Online
    Cow Eye Dissection
    Microscope Magnification
    Food Groups
    Looking Inside Cells
    Plant Cell
    Animal Cell
    Brain Drain
    Drop and Drag Body Parts
    The Human Body Book
    The Ear
    The Physics Classroom
    Mr Nussbaum Science Resources


Lean 360 Video-- Username: hhsstudents; Password: tigers

Learn 360 Video-- Homeostasis

While watching this video, students will be able to answer the homeostasis handout.

Learn 360 Video-- Carb Controversy

Carb Controversy

While watching the video, students should be able to answer the Carb Controversy handout.

Learn 360 Video-- Steriods: The True Story

Steriods: The True Story

Learn 360 video-- Teens and Tanning

Teens and Tanning

While watching the video, students should be able to answer the Teens and Tanning handout.