Mrs. Lezli Wallace Meadows

Human Anatomy & Physiology / ACT Prep

Lezli Meadows


I have lived in DeSoto county for 37 years. I graduated from Horn Lake, then attended Northwest Community College, and finished up my Bachelors Degree at Mississippi State University (Go Dawgs), where I majored in Secondary Education with. My areas of concentration are Biology/General Science and Special Education.  



I have been teacher in Desoto County for 17 years

Lewisburg High School (2017-Present)

Hernando Middle School (2015-2017)

Hernando High School (2003-2015)

ACT Prep

  • Please make sure you are signed up to receive text.  To sign up simply click the join class button on the ACT Prep remind located on my website. Remind messages are also linked to my website so you can always access information from here if needed.
  • Updates about coursework will be sent through Remind directing you where to look for any work/practice.
  • In the meantime, here are some FREE and helpful resources that will help in ACT preparation.
  • Please continue to read! It is so important. Set goals for yourself. (Ex. "I will read this entire page in one minute or less." OR " I will read for 15-20 uninterrupted minutes for three days straight.
  • The First Regional Library website (in DeSoto County) and the New York Public Library have both opened up many options for electronic use. Please consult those websites. I believe you can call a First Regional Library branch to get a library card (if you don't already have one), and here is the link for the New Your Public Library:
  • I'm sure most of you received a notification that the April ACT has need cancelled and that you can switch to the June or July ACT test. I would do this before it's too late so that our school does not run out of test seats.
  • I have uploaded " The Nature of Science-- Graphing" PowerPoint along with the outline that will give you some tips and strategies when it comes to graphs on the ACT.
  • I know that this is not going to be easy nor ideal, but please try to make the best of it and not lose the skills you have acquired so far! Please email any of the ACT Prep teacher with any questions you may have!,,
  • Also, make sure you are checking Mrs. White's (Class Code:76QVPFTY) and Mrs. Worsham's (Class Code: 5CHTR) ACT Academy for assignments.

Class Schedule

First Semester

   1st Block-- Planning

   2nd Block-- Foundations of Sci. Literacy


   3rd Block-- Human Anatomy & Physiology

   4th Block-- Human Anatomy & Physiology 

Second Semester

  1st Block-- Human Anatomy & Physiology

  2nd Block-- ACT Prep

  3rd Block-- Human Anatomy & Physiology

  4th Block-- Planning

Supply List

This Material can also be found on the student's syllabus  

Required Material

       Three Ring Binder

       Notebook Paper


       Color Pencils

Wish List

      Glad Plug-In

      Kleenex/Box of Tissue

      Hand Sanitizer

      Colored Paper


Learn 360 Videos

Lean 360 Video-- Homeostasis


While watching this video, students will be able to answer the homeostasis handout.

Learn 360 Video-- Carb Controversy

Carb Controversy

While watching the video, students should be able to answer the Carb Controversy handout.

Learn 360 Video-- Steriods: The True Story

Steriods: The True Story

Learn 360 video-- Teens and Tanning

Teens and Tanning

While watching the video, students should be able to answer the Teens and Tanning handout.

Science Sites

    Quiz on Cell Biology
    Quiz on Microbes
    Quiz on The Immune System
    Biology in Motion
    Cells Alive!
    Digestive System
    The Amazing Body
    Cell Inspector
    The Body
    Which Embryo is Human?
    Brainarium 3D Brain Puzzle
    Human Anatomy Online
    Cow Eye Dissection
    Microscope Magnification
    Plant Cell
    Animal Cell
    The Ear