Leslie Mason
Algebra 1; Foundations of Algebra

Courses Taught:

Algebra I, SREB Math Foundations of Algebra

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Leslie Mason


Week of March 30 - April 3

ALGEBRA 1 And Foundations

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Courses in teams:

1st block:  LHS Foundations MASON

3rd block:  LHS Algebra MASON

If you need a calculator, try these options...
You can also go to Texas Instruments and see what options they have.  There are some options to download a TI-84 app onto your phone that can be useful.

Welcome to my website!  As you know, my name is Leslie Mason.  I am married with 2 children ages 12 and 14.  This is my 16th year of teaching.  I have had the opportunity to teach multiple grades and multiple subjects.  I have taught almost everything from 2 year old preschool to Calculus in high school, minus 3rd grade.  I have taught in Special Education, Science, and Math.  I am so blessed to be back teaching High School math.  I am so passionate on showing others how math shapes the world we live in.  I love to find new ways to show students how smart they really are and what they really can accomplish with math.  Everyone of my students that walks into my classroom becomes a part of my "family".  I want to see them grow emotionally, socially, academically, and in confidence.  Thank you for blessing me with your teenagers and allowing me to be a part of your lives. 


CURRENT UPDATE:  I will be contacting each of you to keep everyone informed on what we are currently doing as a school.  I will be contacting by school status and remind.  Please e-mail me if you need help because you haven't received a text.  The number I contact you with on SchoolStatus is a number that you can use to call or text me.  You may also respond to me through remind during this time.  Thank you.

Please feel free to contact me by phone, text, or e-mail. I care about all my students success and want to continue to help them be successful while we progress through these days out of school.
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Algebra Nation has been used in class and is the best review of skills learned.  Students should start in section 1 for Algebra;  continue in OnRamp for Foundations.



Khan Academy also has great videos and practice problems on all levels.



Patriotmath is Lewisburg's own website created just for our students.  It has great videos and practice problems on all the units we have covered.


In class, I have also used Dan Meyer's 3 Acts Math.  It is a great way to see math in the real world. 



     There are many websites that I use with my classes.  I will be posting more as needed.  Have fun learning with your teenagers and keeping them growing mathematically.  Most Importantly, Be Safe.  I will be waiting eagerly for my precious, sweet teenagers to return to my classroom.