Lacey S. Fitts, Chemistry Teacher & Interact Co-Sponsor
News to Know:

Assignments for the week of May 4, 2020 are posted below. All material you want graded to try to improve your grade must be turned in by Friday, May 8. Handouts are available in front of the school for students with poor / no internet access.


Assignments for 4/20/20 - 5/1/20 are posted below. Topics: Covalent compound names & formulas, Shapes of small molecules, Intro to Reactions. Handouts are available in front of the school for students with poor / no internet access.


Welcome to the 4th 9 weeks of the school year! Assignments for the next two weeks (through April 17, 2020) are posted below.  -- April 6, 2020


First Assignments for Wednesday, March 25 through Friday, March 27, 2020 are posted below in the Class Materials box. - Wednesday, March 25. Nothing is graded and the due dates are suggestions at this time.


During this challenging time, we are working hard to make sure that all students have access to an education. Please continue to monitor teacher websites for information for each of your classes. We will continue using SchoolStatus and Remind to share information as it becomes available.  Starting Wednesday, March 25, teachers will have review assignments posted for students. I hope that you're staying healthy and persevering as we charter the unknown together! Hang in there, bear with us as we learn new skills and transition to a new format, and check back frequently. I sure miss you guys! Feel free to contact me using the Contact button below, or through any other means available.  - March 24, 2020

Lacey Fitts
Class Materials and Helpful Information


*Assignments for week of May 4, 2020 are found in the "attached files for chemistry" below. You can get either the pdf file or the editable doc file.  I will post a video Tuesday afternoon, and we will have a Q&A / office hours meeting on Wednesday. Feel free to contact me any time. 


Past (completed) assignments:

*Assignments for 4/20/20 - 5/1/20: Part 1 Watch this video and make notes. Then complete the first worksheet in the packet on covalent naming (Attached below). Part 2: Watch the second video and complete the virtual lab on Molecular shapes. Part 3: Worksheet on synthesis and decomposition reactions. 

Assignments for April 6-April 17, 2020 - Writing names and formulas for ionic compounds. Submit HERE when finished.

 1) Watch Mr. Boswell's video lesson series. Bos and I are working together to plan and teach this 9 weeks, and we will take turns putting together videos for y'all. Make sure to watch all of the videos in the series!

 2) Unit worksheets on ionic compounds are assigned and posted in the "Attached files" below, called "Naming and Writing Formulas Assignment". These are also available printed for pickup at the school starting at 5pm Monday. Begin with the first one and ask questions as needed. 

 3) Ask questions and stay in touch! You can use Remind to ask me anything or just say hi. I miss you guys and wish we could do this in person.

Other Resources:

A great interactive periodic table

The entire Khan Academy course on chemistry - learn as much as you like!

Wednesday, March 25 - Friday, March 27 Assignment 

Short helpful video

Submit first assignment here by Sunday, March 29

A review of unit conversions, if you're still rusty


AP Chemistry

Assignments arrive via remind. Biweekly Zoom meetings and participation in assigned work is expected. Exam is May 14!

Open source chemistry textbook

College Board AP Chem live reviews

Quarantine Chemistry Youtube Channel for video reviews

Wednesday, March 25 - Friday, March 27 Assignment: Finish the Unit 5 and 6 questions on AP Classroom and watch the first to Quarantine Chem videos.

AP Chem videos - playlist

Course Remind for all courses:

Add 2nd Block Chemistry remind by texting @Fitts2nd to 81010. Add 3rd Block Chemistry remind by texting @drfitts3rd to 81010.

Dr. Fitts Bio

Bachelors Degree in Chemistry (BA): Mississippi State University (1998)

Masters Degree in Inorganic Chemistry (MS): Vanderbilt University (2007)


Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.): Delta State University (2014)

Certifications and Additional Training:

    -Secondary Chemistry

    -AP Chemistry

    -Secondary English

National Math & Science Institute AP consultant

Green Chemistry  (ACS)

Chemistry & Art (NSF)

Service Learning (Vanderbilt)


I have taught Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, English I, and several college chemistry and science education courses over the last 15 years -- both full time in the high school classroom and as an interim and non-tenure track faculty member at several universities. Every year I serve as an AP chemistry exam reader scoring the AP chemistry exams. This is an ongoing professional development activity that is a lot of work, but one that I enjoy! My teaching experience has taken place in Nashville, TN,  Cleveland, MS,  and now Desoto County. We moved to Desoto county in the summer of 2016, and I'm glad to be a part of the Lewisburg High School Science department!