Mrs. Kim Pickering


Director of Bands

Mrs. Pickering is in her 7th year as Director of Bands at Lewisburg High School.  Before her time as Director of Bands, she spent 5 years as Assistant Director of Bands at Lewisburg.  She has spent her entire 12 year career at The Burg!  Mrs. Pickering is a 2008 graduate of the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Music Education.  She has been a clinician throughout our state as well as spending two summers with the MS Lion's All - State Band.  In her free time, Mrs. Pickering enjoys spending time with her husband (married June 2019), her three sweet nephews, and family and friends. 

Courses Taught:

Middle and High School Band


Welcome to our band website for the purposes of online learning.  We are still keeping up our actual band website for overall updates.  I will provide a link for that on the page.

I hope that you all are staying well!  I miss you and am here if you need ANYTHING at all. I hope we can have a little fun with your band assignments and passoffs!


News/Assignment Updates


Thank you for your patience with me in the last week.  We are back on track and ready to roll.  I have broken up the leadership units into multiple lessons.  This should help you be able to work in it in chunks and submitting that way.  We have had some students losing their work after working on something for a while. 

Since we are off a week from everyone else, we wont place a deadline on these things.  You should just make sure to get your things done by the end. 

Scales: F, C, G, Gb

       *If you are ready to pass off the others, please go ahead and do so.

Percussion:  Measures 5 - 10 of your etude.  If you would like to work ahead, please do so. 


Leadership Curriculum


Unit 6 - Lesson 1 Google Form

Unit 6 - Lesson 2 Google Form

Updated:  Sunday, April 26, 2020 @ 9:00 pm

Links for Online Learning

(Music theory practice - possible assignment resource) LOTS of music info! (offering FREE accounts) (Free accounts available) (Composition, notation fun! - FREE) (Theory & Compososition - FREE) (Lots of free sheet music and lessons)

Remind Codes

Wind Ensemble  @4ebfb2

Symphonic Band @2fb6kfe

Concert Band  @addkhc