Mrs. Kathleen Downing

Courses Taught:

Visual Arts, Painting, AP 2-D Design, Drawing, and Ceramics 


Welcome to my website!  This is my second year teaching at Lewisburg High! My husband and I are both educators, and we just welcomed our daughter, Evelyn, to the world in February. I hope to help your students find a passion for art and learn how to think creatively for whatever life path they choose. 

I am most active on Twitter (@LHSPatriotsArt), where I hope to keep everyone updated on current events and projects! 

The fastest way to get in contact with me is email. I also utilize SchoolStatus' text feature frequently. 


These times are uncertain and difficult. I will update as soon as can. Be sure you and your student are in the reminds set below for the latest information. Remind is an app for your phone used to help communicate with me (and vice versa) without the need of exchanging phone numbers. As I update this website, I will notify everyone via remind. 


To add the remind for you or your student, please text the following codes to 81010:

AP Art: @cb96g

Painting T3: @4b8hkc 

Ceramics T4: @lhsceramic


If you are interested in trying out for AP Art for the 2020-2021 school year, you will need to submit 4 works via email by April 30th! 

They can be drawings, photos, paintings, digital art, etc. NO 3D work! Take pictures of the work, make sure the pictures are good quality! 

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Painting Assignments:

Monday 3/30

  • Find two different plants and draw their flowers/leaves. Must be outdoor plants!! 

Tuesday 3/31

  • Find three things from your pantry/refrigerator to draw! Remember how we draw forms, use shadows, value, etc.

Wednesday 4/1

  • Using your phone, take a black and white picture of any object that shows your reflection in a crazy way. This can be your fridge, a metal ball, a puddle, etc. Not just your mirror! 

Thursday 4/2

  • Find 7 actual textures in your home and make rubbings of them. Be sure to label what they are! Remember actual textures are things you can feel. Take your paper and place it on top of the texture, then rub your pencil/crayon/etc. on top.

Friday 4/3

  • Research one of the art movements we talked about in Painting. Write 2 paragraphs about the most famous artist from that movement. Then, explain why you liked that project the most. 
  • Movements we talked about include: Pop Art (Andy Warhol/Roy Lichtenstein), Pointillism (Georges Seurat), 3D/Installation Art (Banksy).
  • IF you would like to write about a different artist we did not discuss please do!
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