Joe Boswell



Courses Taught:

Chemistry I, Physics I, Physical Science


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My teaching career with young adults has been over a span of 45 years. Some of my original students from the 70's are now grandparents in their early sixties. However, I am still young at heart and still enjoy working with young people. My first teaching position was in a rural school district in the middle of a farming region.  Since then, I have taught in schools for the rich and famous, for residents of the inner city, for community colleges, and am presently teaching here at LHS. 

My education includes a high school degree from Tupelo High School, bachelor’s degree (BSE) from Delta State University, and a master’s degree (MCS) from Mississippi College.

Most of my career has been as a high school chemistry teacher, including chemistry on three different levels. I have also taught physics and biology, but to a lesser degree.  Currently, I’m cosponsoring the science and culinary clubs.