Harl Roehm
AP Computer Science Principles, Essentials of College Math, SREB Mathematics

Courses Taught:

AP Computer Science, Essentials of College Math, SREB Math

Harl Roehm
During this challenging time we here at LHS are currently working on ways to ensure all of our students have access to an education. Please continue to monitor teacher websites for additional information. We will also be utilizing SchoolStatus, Remind and/or Microsoft Teams to send out messages of updates as we have them. Click the image on the right for Teams.
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1st Block7:25-9:05PLANNING
2nd Block9:15-10:55AP CSP
3rd Block11:00-1:15AP CSP
4th Block1:20-3:00Soccer


Teachers at Desoto County Schools have logged multiple hours or training over the last several days as we migrate to a digital system of relaying information. Many Lewisburg High School teachers have established Microsoft Teams for their classes. This is a system that we have utilized in AP CSP. We respectfully request for you to make sure notifications in Microsoft Teams, whether on a browser or an app and especially if on your cellular device are turned on.

Lewisburg High School's Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles, AP CSP, class curriculum is provided through a scholarship with Amazon Future Engineers. AFE partners with Edhesive to provide the highest consistent level of training there is to offer. You can access Edhesive's site by selecting the image on the right.



You can also monitor your assignments through Twitter, @CoachRoehm, or the calendar here on my teacher page.




High School :  Hernando High School 1993

College :   Delta State University 1997

Degree :   BSE in Mathematics 1997

     154 Mathematics endorsement 1997

Post-graduate :

     207 Gifted Education endorsement 2000 

     COOL Essentials & IC3 Certification 2012

     984 Technology Foundations endorsement 2012

     929 SREB Mathematics endorsement 2014

     192 Social Studies Certification 2015

     105 Business Education endorsement 2016

     405 Business Management endorsement 2017



Married : 1997

Children : 2 (2000, 2005)

Guy's Soccer Coach

Bus Driver



Hernando High School 1997-2000

     1997-1998 Pre-Algebra & Algebra I

     1998-1999 Transitions to Algebra & Geometry

     1999-2000 Algebra I & Geometry

Horn Lake High School 2001-2007

     2001-2002 Pre-Algebra & Geometry

     2002-2003 Algebra I & Computer Engineering Technologies I

     2003-2004 Geometry, Computer Engineering Technologies I & II

     2004-2005 Algebra I, Computer Engineering Technologies I, II, & III

     2005-2006 Geometry, Computer Engineering Technologies I, II, & III

     2006-2007 Geometry, Computer Engineering Technologies I, II, & III 

Lewisburg High School 2007-2008

     2007-2008 Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Intellectually Gifted 7th & 8th grade

Lewisburg Middle School 2008-2013

     2008-2009 Intellectually Gifted 7th & 8th grade

     2009-2010 Intellectually Gifted 7th & 8th grade

     2010-2011 Intellectually Gifted 6th grade 

     2011-2012 Intellectually Gifted 6th grade

     2012-2013 Technology Foundations

Lewisburg High School 2013-Current

     2013-2014 Algebra II & Statistics

     2014-2015 Algebra II & SREB Mathematics

     2015-2016 Psychology, Sociology, & SREB Mathematics

     2016-2017 Algebra II, Geometry, SREB Mathematics, & AP Computer Science Principles

     2017-2018 Psychology, Sociology, SREB Mathematics, & AP Computer Science Principles

     2018-2019 SREB Mathematics & AP Computer Science Principles

     2019-2020 SREB Mathematics, Essentials of Mathematics, MS Studies, & AP Computer              Science Principles