Assignments for 5/4-5/8:

1. Watch the AP Exam Walkthrough video: Click Here

2. Complete the AP Exam Demo using the device/browser that you will use for your exam. 

3. Complete Unit 3 Review. Make sure you have summaries of all documents and required court cases for the exam.   

4. Answer the FRQs in the packet for this week (5-4). Email your answers.  

Assignments for 4/20-5/1: 

1. Complete the reviews for Units 1 and 2. You have two weeks, so you could complete one each week.   

2. Watch the review videos for writing Concept Analysis and Argumentative Essays. The link is below at #4.   

3. Week of 4/20- Write the first Concept Analysis and Argumentative Essay. Type in Word or Google Docs and email.  Or handwrite neatly, take a picture, and email.   

Week of 5/1-  Do the same with the 2nd Concept Analysis and Argumentative Essay.   

4.  Keep the Required Document Summary, Required Cases Summary, and Constitutional Clauses sheets to refer to during exam.   

4.  AP Exam Review Playlist- Review of content and writing FRQs.  

5. College Board Review Lessons- New lessons everyday on every AP subject.   

Assignments for April 7-17:

1. Read Chapter 5: Civil Rights. Complete the Guided Reading. The PowerPoint is below under Files/Documents if you need it. I will send out a Chapter 5 quiz later in the week.  

2. Watch the videos for required cases here: Oyez,Oyez Complete the guides that go with them.  Make sure you are familiar with all the court cases in this unit.  If the videos do not work, let me know.  

3.   Watch the daily lessons at YouTube: Advanced Placement. They are live at 2pm or you can watch them anytime. There are also reviews for your other AP classes. Reviews will cover everything for the AP Exam.  

4. Watch Crash Course Episodes 29-32. These cover Civil Rights, Equal Protection, and Discrimination. Crash Course Government and Politics.

5. Complete the assignments on Khan Academy. You should complete all assignments for Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.

  Class code is: UP2WUQMY if you have not joined.

April 4, 2020 AP Government Exam Updates

1. Test date is Monday May 11 at 3pm. Log in 15-30 minutes before the test begins.   

2. You will take the test online at home on a computer, tablet, or phone.  

3. You can use notes and books just no assistance from anyone else. College Board will know if you cheat and will let every college in the country know.

4.Question 1: Argumentative Essay- 25 minutes- 60% Question 2: Concept Application- 15 minutes- 40%

5. It will cover Units 1-3. Foundations of Democracy. Interactions Among Branches. Civil Rights/Civil Liberties.   

6. You may type  and submit or hand-write your response and submit a picture of your work. 

7. You do not have to take the AP Exam to receive weighted credit for the class.

8. No refunds will be issued until after the June 5th makeup date.   


Khan Academy AP Government

AP Classroom 

iCivics/Study Edge 

Jeremy Boler

AP US Government and Politics/Boys and Girls Powerlifting

Courses Taught:

AP US Government, US History, Economics, Mississippi Studies, Football, Head Boys and Girls Powerlifting

Education: BA Secondary Education, University of Mississippi

                  MS Educational Leadership, Arkansas State University

Certifications: Social Studies (7-12), General Science (7-12),             

                        Administrator (K-12)

                        USA Powerlifting Level 1 Club Coach

Teaching/Coaching Experience:

2005-2006- 7th Grade Science- Olive Branch Middle

2006-2016- 8th Grade Science, Football Coach- Lewisburg Middle

2016-2020- US History, AP Government- Lewisburg High

2012-2020- Boys and Girls Powerlifting Coach, Lewisburg High



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