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Welcome to Our Class!

Coach Sowell's Classes:

Economics is the study of our country's economic system. (T2 and T4)

Government is the study of our country's government entities. (T1 and T3)

Please refer to Schoology if needed. I will discuss with students how we will use Schoology in the classroom this school year.









About the Teacher

Welcome: #TheBurg #BRINGIT

I want to welcome all students back to the Burg this school year. I hope each one of you have the best school year ever. Please reach out to me using my teacher website if you have any questions.


 I graduated high school from Independence High School.  I received a B.A. in education from University of Mississippi and a M.A. in administration from Arkansas State University.  I have been teaching for 14 years.

Personal Info: 

My wife and I live in Olive Branch.  We have three sons that attend Lewisburg Schools.  You will find us on a baseball field most weekends.  In my free time, I enjoy hunting, fishing, golfing, and watching sports. I am one of the assistant baseball coaches here at the Burg.