Adam Sowell

Social Studies


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Law Related Education is designed to help young people develop into knowledgeable, skilled, and caring citizens.  

Sociology is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. 

Economics is the study of our country's economy.  

Psychology is the study of the human mind and human behavior.  

Government is the study of our country's government entities. 

Please refer to Schoology for specific instructions, assignments, and important dates. 

About the Teacher

Education and Experience:

 I graduated high school from Independence High School.  I received a B.A. in education from University of Mississippi and a M.A. in administration from Arkansas State University.  



Personal Info: 

My wife and I live in Olive Branch.  We have three sons that attend Lewisburg Schools.  You will find us on a baseball field most weekends.  In my free time, I enjoy hunting, fishing, golfing, and watching sports.