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  • Enter the room with all supplies BEFORE the bell rings!!!!!!!

  • Sit in assigned seat and be prepared for CNN Student News.

    • Write bellwork and answer question in paragraph format.

  • Read the board for important announcements.

  • Ask permission to leave the room - NO MATTER WHAT! 



  • Pen/Pencil

  • Notebook paper

  • 3-ring binder or folder to keep important learning materials


  1. Food and drinks are permitted in my classroom.  BUT they are not allowed near the computer.

  2. Respect other students, yourself, and the teacher.  That means no offensive language, gestures, or website allowed.  

  3. Be honest.  Cheating will not be tolerated!  If you attempt to cheat on any assignment, you and anyone else who assist you will receive a ‘0’ grade.  A referral will also be sent to the office.

  4. Be on time, prepared, and ready to learn each day!

  5. Treat the computer equipment as if it was your personal device.  Anything that you damage will be your responsibility to replace.  

  6. DO NOT CHANGE THE BACKGROUND/SCREENSAVER (or any other setting) on the computer.  Doing so will result in an immediate write up.


  • Students who are absent are responsible for asking the teacher about missed assignments.  Refer to the student handbook for the appropriate amount of time allowed to make up assignments.  

  • To help the student remember to ask about assignments, a ONE will be placed in the gradebook until the student makes up the work.
    • *Grade of 0= student was present in class, but did not turn in the assignment.  Teacher reserves the right to decide on make-up once the make-up deadline has passed.

      *Grade of 1 = student is able to make up assignment.



    A = 100-90
Tests/Projects           50%                       B = 89-80
Classwork 30% C = 79-70
9 Weeks Test 20 % D = 69-65
    F = 64 & below