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Subjects Taught
Ceramics I, Ceramics II, Painting, Visual Art Studio


I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art in 2018. 

Before that, I went to Fairhope High School, in Fairhope, AL from 2006-2010. 


I am very excited to be at Lewisburg for my first year of teaching! 


My name is Kathleen Downing. I have a wonderful husband, Alyosha Downing. We have four pets, two dogs and two cats. I currently live in Oxford, MS and commute the hour to teach here at LHS. I come from a large family, with two older sisters and two younger brothers, as well as six nieces and nephews. 

Ever since I was young I have always loved art. I was obsessed with paint by numbers and coloring books. Throughout middle and high school, art became a meditative place for me. My art teachers always encouraged me, and pushed me to become better. Through their example, I realized I wanted to become an art teacher and show other kids how to tap into their potential. 

My main concentrations are painting and printmaking. But, as long as I am creating, and teaching others how to create, then I am happy! 

Besides creating in my spare time, I love to bake and listen to all types of music.

To see our class's process and progress, check out my Twitter @LHSPatriotsArt