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Adam  Tipton
Algebra I, Foundations of Algebra, Geometry
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Algebra I, Foundations of Algebra, Geometery


My name is Adam Tipton. Over the past seven years, I have had the pleasure of serving in several positions at Lewisburg High School: Secondary Educator with an emphasis in Mathematics (2007 – present), Head Boys’ Basketball Coach (2008 - present), Head Boys’ Golf Coach (2007 – present), and Head Girls Golf Coach (2009 – present). In 2007, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Mississippi and followed it with a Masters in Educational Leadership at Arkansas State University in 2012.

Students enrolled in Algebra I will work collaboratively to discover Algebraic Concepts as it pertains to Functions, Linear Relationships, Simplifying Expressions, Solving Equations, Sequences, Modeling Two-Variable Data, Exponential Functions, Quadratic Functions, Quadratic Equations/Functions, Complex Equations, and Statistical Analysis of Data. Upon the successful completion of this course, students will have the necessary foundation to progress to Geometry.