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Chick-fil-A Student of the Month
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Monday, January 23, 2017
Casey Kellogg
Casey Kellogg

Lewisburg and Patriot Vision are excited to announce our latest Chick-fil-A Student of the Month award recipient: Miss Casey Kellogg. Casey is a member of the 3-time state champion Lewisburg Marching band, where she was a featured flute soloist in this year’s championship performance.

This month, Casey was also chosen by her peers to represent the Senior Class on the 2017 WinterFest Court, and she is an active member of the interact club, chick-fil-a leader academy, national honor society, and national English honor society.

But it was Casey’s heartfelt letter of appreciation she shared with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department this December that unexpectedly put her in the spotlight.

In her letter, Casey encouraged Law Enforcement Officers, stating: “You’ve seen the people of this town at our worst… You’ve seen us blame you time and time again for doing the very thing that saves our lives. You put your life on the line for strangers who seldom realize it. As one of those strangers, I just want to thank you. Thank you for the endless hours you sacrifice to keep us safe.”

After Casey’s letter was posted on social media by the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department, it was quickly shared and seen by thousands of people across DeSoto County and the Memphis area, many of whom echoed Casey’s message of support.

We’d like to thank Casey for representing Lewisburg High School well in our community, so please join us in congratulating Casey Kellog, December’s Chick-fil-A Student of the Month.

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