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Science Camp!
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Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Middle School Science Camp at LHS

Do you like science?  Do you wish you had a place to get together with fellow science lovers?  Well, we in the science department at LHS are planning something special, just for you.  Thiscoming summer, June 10-15, 2019, we are planning to have a summer camp here at the high school, just for science lovers in middle school. We have all sorts of ideas about what we would like to offer, but we would much rather hear from you and get your ideas.  Below you will find a list of topics to trigger your interest.  You can simply place a check beside the things you are interested in, but you may also write in topics in the spaces provided at the end of this form.   


If you are interested in attending our summer camp, please fill outthe all of the information requested on page 2 of this document.  We are planning to use all proceeds collected to purchase equipment for our science department.  This means that when you move up to our school, we will have the latest and best equipment for your science courses 

Application: Word Doc



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